Ekaterina Kaplunova, Richard Venlet

Ekaterina Kaplunova, Richard Venlet




How does the architecture of a space accumulate, reflect, transform and disseminate the knowledge that was produced and shared in it?

For the time of the Biennale in Louvain-la-Neuve the Auditorium for Distracted Intelligence will be mounted in the public hall of the UCL university auditoriums Sainte Barbe.

Richard Venlet and Ekaterina Kaplunova propose a hybrid program of encounters with artists, architects, thinkers and practitioners. The mobile pop-up rotunda welcomes those interested in alternative modes of perception and knowledge production. The irregular borders of the auditorium permit reverberation time of the exchanged discourses to be unlimited. Alike diffuse gas assorted knowledge forms a particular noosphere inside a space that invites listeners or participants to enter it by means of immersion.

A public program will be announced throughout the period of the Biennale.


Les artistes

Ekaterina Kaplunova

Ekaterina Kaplunova (1983, RU, lives and works in Brussels)

Her artistic practice is fluctuating between research, reactivation of (personal) history and speculation. Through various media and settings her interests render semi-fictional narratives that include autobiographic elements, folklore, roleplaying, masks and characters.

After receiving her MA degree in Fine Arts at LUCA School of Arts Brussels, she participated in the art-historical research project ‘The mobile and temporary studio for research and production’ at Extra city, Antwerp. Currently, she continues to work on her practice through artistic research at A.PASS, Brussels. Her project deals with revisited family history, generations and speculative narratives.Recent exhibitions include shows at Mu.Zee in Ostend, WIELS in Brussels, Marres in Maastricht among others.

Richard Venlet

Richard Venlet (1964, AUS, lives and works in Brussels)

The work of Brussels-based artist Richard Venlet combines sculpture, art history research, exhibition design and architecture. The abstract aesthetics in his installations reach beyond a simple formal reference to Modernism and Minimalism. Working in context-specific situations, he has produced numerous installations that incorporate the work of other artists and collaborators, forming composite and circuitous environments that are often whimsical reconfigurations of architectural space. 

In his interventions, the artist often redirects the viewer in altered spatial configurations; making him see his surroundings anew and become part of it. As an artist who deliberately intervenes with the exhibition space, Venlet reaches further into architectural production through regular collaborations with artists, architects, curators and art-institutes.

His work has been shown in numerous national and international exhibitions, galleries and museums, including: The Biennale of São Paulo; The Sydney Biennial - S.M.A.K., Ghent; BOZAR, Brussels; Etablissement d’en face, Brussels; MACBA, Barcelona; FRAC Le Plateau, Paris; Hessel Museum of Art, CCS Bard College, New York; Wiels, Brussels among others.

Richard Venlet is an affiliated lecturer and researcher at the LUCA School of Arts, Campus Sint-Lukas Brussels.